Kevin Cherry
XNA Debug Terminal
XNA Debug Terminal is a library that creates a display to run on top of your game. It allows you to retrieve/set values and invoke methods all while your game is running. It is even possible to track values in real-time as the game progresses. This brings the concept of Visual Studio's debugger into an environment more suited for game development.
CSharp Eval
CSharp Eval uses .NET Reflection to allow the user to execute arbitrary C# statements at runtime. It has access to the current environment and allows using variables and methods within that environment. It is comparable to having an eval function that comes with most scripting languages. CSharp eval can be used in any .NET project regardless of the language, however, it will only evaluate a string formatted as C# code. The ANTLR engine is used along with a custom grammar file designed to interpret many common C# constructs as well as some useful extensions to the language. This project can be used as is with minimal effort or as part of a larger project such as our XNA version, XNA Debug Terminal. Please note any license restrictions before using, however.
LSU's Introduction to Computer Graphics Course
This is a collection of projects done using C and OpenGL as part of the requirement of LSU's CSC 4356 Introduction of Computer Graphics course